Hire a 12 Yard Hire Hereford - From Your Local Hereford Skip Hire Experts

From our various sizes of skips at Skip Hire Hereford, we provide a maxi 12 yard type which is very ideal for main garbage disposal assignments.

Our 12 yard type at Skip Hire Hereford is perfect for numerous kinds of waste, such as household and industrial heavy products. The 12 yard skip is an ideal choice for commercial use and the bulky measurements make it suitable for major enterprises who are responsible for their own waste disposal.


Competitive Rates for 12 Yard Skip Hire in Hereford and UK

Skip Hire Hereford wish to be in tandem with the wishes of our clients and the 12 yard maxi skip can be hired for both shorter and longer term durations.

The maxi 12 yard skip Skip Hire Hereford provide is capable of holding close to 110 black bin bags. The dimensions of the 12 yard type of skip are a length measuring 13 ft, a width of 6.5ft and a corresponding height of 6.5ft, making the grade it as one of the massive sizes we have at Skip Hire Hereford, Hereford.


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In case you are undecided on hiring the 12 yard type or not, talk to any of Skip Hire Hereford customer service personnel today on 01432 483028 for more details, free consultations and quotations.

Upon hiring the 12 yard skip from Skip Hire Hereford, we will transport it to your location and offload the skip without you having you to be present. Our 12 yard skip is The most popular with customers size Skip Hire Hereford hire our for manufacturing and business utility owing to its huge size.

In Skip Hire Hereford we are sure that the pricing of our 12 yard skip is very cost effective while you need to remove a large amount of waste.

when the skip from Skip Hire Hereford is full, our dedicated staff are here to take it out without the need of a hand from the clients. Our 12 yard skip hire is idyllic for all basic groundwork and Skip Hire Hereford will be able to deliver with a covering top to insure safe transport of the refuse to be contained.


The height of the 12 yard skip supplied by Skip Hire Hereford implies that it is ideal for stashing, large garbage like edifice residues.

Skip Hire Hereford recycles 90% of the waste which is disposed of from a 12 yard skip . If you have any inquiries concerning the v 12 yard skip, or any of our other products, feel free to give us a call on 01432 483028 or assign us an email at [email protected] for a more individualized response.